In Memory of CPT Yuri Tarlavsky





CPT Michael Yuri Tarlavsky, 30, a native of Passaic, New Jersey, was killed August 12, 2004, in Najaf, Iraq, when his unit came under small arms fire and grenade attack.  He was assigned to the Army's 5th Special Forces Group, Fort Campbell, KY.

His family came to the United States from Latvia when he was five years old.  Tarlavsky was an Eagle Scot and captain of the swim team at Clifton High School (New Jersey).  Tarlavsky attended Rutgers University on an ROTC scholarship.  He later became an avid marathon and triathlon runner.

Upon his entry to the army in 1996 her served as an infantry officer and was assigned to Korea's demilitarized zone. He completed the Special Forces Qualification Course in 2001.  Tarlavsky served as a detachment commander with 5th Group and deployed in support of the war on terrorism to both Afghanistan and Iraq.  He entered service in 1996 as an infantry officer before completing the Special Forces Qualification course in 2001.

He died in a hail of small-arms fire as he led Iraqi police trainees in a fight with insurgents who had blown up a school. This was Tarlavsky's second tour-of-duty in Iraq, having spent five months there in the beginning of 2003.  He also fought in Afghanistan.

Tarlavsky is survived by his wife and their 10-month-old son.

News Articles About CPT Tarlavsky.

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