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Outdoor, Tactical, Police, Military, Emergency Response, and Security Gear

ADS, Inc.: Operational Equipment & Logistics Solutions
"Operational & Tactical Equipment for Military, Police & EMS""

Blackhawk Industries.

Depot USA.

Eagle Industries.

General Jackson's Inc.
6207 Yadkin Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 868-1806


Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI).  Outdoor equipment.

5.11 Tactical Series.

Gear Zone.  Tactical gear and equipment for law enforcement and military.

Tactical Police Equipment.  by Discount Police Equipment.

Top Spec U.S.

Backpacks, Daypacks, and Rucksacks

Centurion.  Military Backpacks.

Diamond Back Tactical.  Backpacks, Load Out Bags, Assault Packs, and Deployment Bags.

Elite Tactical Sources, Inc.  Backpacks and rucksacks.

Gregory Mountain Products.  Backpacks and patrol packs for military and law enforcement.

S.A.T.L. Assault Pack. Used by SOCOM personnel. Can be worn over body armor. Available here at Mystery Ranch.

L.L. Bean.  Backpacks.

Sandpiper of California.  Bug Out Gear (military style backpacks).

U.S. Patriot Store.  ACU Tactical Backpack

Tactical Rifle Slings

Viking Tactics MK2 Sling.  Carbine sling available here at BravoCompanyUSA.com.

Pistol Holsters and Accessories

Level 2 Duty SERPA Holster.  Available here at Blackhawk.com.

SERPA CQC Holster. Available here at Blackhawk.com.

Magazine Holders. Available here at Blackhawk.com.

Tactical Sleeping Bags

Snugpak Versatile Tactical System (V.T.S.).  Available at Extreme Outfitters here. Two bags in one to suit your tactical mission.

 Duffle Bags

Rolling Thunder Duffle Bag.  Multi-purpose duffel with wheels and go-cart frame. Available here at The North Face.

Body Armor and Protective Clothing

Body Armor Information and Suppliers.

Cage Plate Carrier (CPC).  Available at Crye Precision here.  Accepts hard and soft armor inserts.

The Beat Up PC (Plate Carrier).  For SAPI, ESAPI, and SPEAR. Available at First Spear here.

Velocity Systems.  Armored rifle plates click here. Plate carriers click here.

Ballistic Helmets

FAST Ballistic Helmet.  By Ops-Core.com.  Click here.

Tactical Headlamps

TacTikka Plus Headlamp. A tactical light available here at Backcountry Gear.

Tactical Medical Equipment

BHI Combat Medical Kit - Blow Out Bag.  Available here at Blackheart International.  Kit is contained in a nylon cargo-pocket sized bag with MOLLE Loops on the back. Contacts 2 Krinkle Guaze, Black Talon Gloves, bandage, cravat, casualty card, Asherman check seal, penlight, Nasopharyngeal, and medical card.

Personnel Recovery Products and Services

"Advancing the art and science of Personnel Recovery".
Providing personnel recovery products and services.


Security Equipment

Night Vision Equipment

Body Armor

Personal Security Equipment


SERE and
Personnel Recovery








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Home > Security Equipment > Tactical Equipment