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Search Engines.  Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista, Excite, etc.


Security Calculators and Applications for CCTV, Video, Electrical, and More

Security Calculators.  Security Products Online.  Security calculators for lens, camera, voltage, pan speed, and others.

Video Security Tools.  Pelco Support Site.

CCTV Tools.  Panasonic Resources.

Electrician Online Calculators

Electrician's Toolbox Etc.

Today's Facility Manager.  Tricks of the Trade.


Informational, Investigative, and Reference Sites

New York Times Cyber Navigator.  Links to reference sites.

Investigator's Toolbox.  Resources for Researchers.  Virtual Librarian.

Investigative Resources.  National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI).

EInvestigator.com.  Private Investigation resource website.


Anti-Crime, Intelligence, and Analysis Applications and Tools

Crime Mapping.  Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety.

Online Hazard Map for your Location.  ESRI.

Analyst's Notebook.  i2 Inc.

CrimeLink.  Precision Computing Intelligence.

GIS and Mapping Software.  ESRI.

ASIS International Security Guidelines.


People, Phone, Address, and Zip Code Search

United States Postal Service Zip Code Lookup.

Bigfoot  Phone Number Search.

Yahoo People Search.

Switchboard.com.  Phone Number Lookup.

Reverse Phone Lookup.  InfoSpace.



UPS Package Tracking.

Geographical Information - Archives Library Information Center (ALIC)


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