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Afghanistan Country Profile

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Informational Resources on Afghanistan

CIA World Fact Book for Afghanistan.

Consular Information Sheet - Afghanistan.  U.S. Department of State.

Travel Warning - Afghanistan.  U.S. Department of State.

Embassy of Afghanistan.  Washington, DC.

U.S. Embassy Kabul.

Afghanistan Country Report.  CountryReports.org.

Afghanistan.  infoplease.com.

Country profile: Afghanistan.  BBC News.

Afghanistan Country Study.  Library of Congress.

Afghanistan.  MSN Encarta.

Afghanistan.  Britannica Online.

Afghanistan.  World Facts and Figures.

Afghanistan: Facts & Stats.  Frontline World - PBS.org.

Wikipedia: Afghanistan.  Politics, geography, history, and more.

MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.  Afghanistan.

Korengal Valley, Afghanistan.  Security Info Net.


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News Sources on Afghanistan

World Defense Review.  Afghanistan.

U.S. State Department Travel Registration Home Page.

Afghanistan Country Fast Facts.  CBS News.


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History of Afghanistan

History of Afghanistan.  By Infoplease.com.


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Cultural of Afghanistan

What is Pashtunwali?  by Wikipedia.

May 27, 2010.  "Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan . . ." Foreign Policy Magazine.


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Videos About Afghanistan and the War

With the Taliban in Northern Afghanistan.  Public Broadcasting System (PBS).



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Home > Country Profiles > Afghanistan


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