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Korengal Valley - Afghanistan

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The Korengal Valley is located south of the Pech River in the Pech District of Kunar Province in northeast Afghanistan.  A number of outposts were built in the area to include the Korengal Outpost - also known as "The KOP".  The valley has been nicknamed "The Valley of Death".  A number of units have rotated through this valley to include the Marines, the 10th Mountain Division, and the 173rd BCT.  The United States abandoned the Korengal Valley in April 2010.


Information about the Korengal Valley

Korengal Valley.  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

"Lessons" of the Korengal Valley.  Center for Defense Studies.

Restrepo - Film Documentary of the Korengal Valley

The film "Restrepo" is a documentary by Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington.  The two spent a lot of time with a U.S. Army unit stationed in the Korengal Valley in northeastern Afghanistan.  2nd Platoon of Battle Company is featured in the film during their 15-month long deployment to Afghanistan.  The platoon and its higher headquarters were charged with clearing the valley of insurgents and winning the trust of the local population.  A description of the movie and information on how to purchase the DVD from Amazon.com is provided at the link below:


"War" - A Non-Fiction Book about the Korengal Valley

Sebastian Junger spent a year on and off with a company from the 173rd while they were deployed for 15-months in the Korengal Valley.  Read his non-fiction account of their 15 months in the book "War".  For more information on the book or to buy the book from Amazon.com click on the link below:


Korengal Valley Timeline

Fall 2001.  B-52s bomb the valley during initial combat operations.

April - July 2006.  U.S. conducts Operation Mountain Lion in Korengal Valley.

April 14, 2010.  Americans evacuate the Korengal Valley.

February 2011.  U.S. forces pull out of Pech Valley.

August 2011.  U.S. forces re-enter Pech Valley.

Maps of Korengal Valley

The Korengal Valley is located in Pech District of Kunar Province in Afghanistan.

Kunar Province Afghanistan Map


Pech District Konar Province Afghanistan

Pech District Kunar Province Afghanistan

Topo Map of Korengal Valley Pech District Kunar Province Afghanistan

Korangal Valley Pech District Kunar Province Afghanistan


Map of Korangal Outpost.  The New York Times, April 14, 2011.

Korengal Valley.  Map by Google.

Overhead Photo of Korangal Valley.  By Wikimapia.

Map of Kunar Province.  You can locate Korengal on this Kunar Province map by finding Pech District (in the northwest area of Kunar), then the Pech River (runs east-west), and then the tributary that runs south to north into the Pech River.

Map Location of Korengal Lumber Yard.  Panoramio.

Kunar Province Tribal Map.  Naval Postgraduate School.

Tribal Konar - Map.  Naval Postgraduate School.

Map of Pech District Kunar Province Afghanistan
Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS).

Books about Korengal Valley

Renehan, John. The Valley. A fictional book about life on a small outpost in the Korengal Valley. Read a book review on this book due out in March 2015.

Videos of Korengal Valley

September 16, 2011.  "Courage in the face of almost certain death".  Lara Logan of 60 minutes interviews SSG Sal Giunta (Medal of Honor recepient) about his time in the Korengal Valley.

Stalemate in Korengal Valley.  The New York Times.

Confronting Afghanistan's "Valley of Death".  NBC Nightly News.  Viper Company 126th Infantry.

US Army Firefight in Korengal.  A US Army element in a firefight in the Korengal Valley.  Circa July 2009.

USMC Patrol Korengal.  A Marine patrol gets into a firefight in the Korengal Valley.

Airstrike in Korengal Valley.  A JDAM is dropped in support of unit operating in the Korgenal Valley.


Scenes of Korengal Valley.  Scenery and music.

May 26, 2011.  Lara Logan in Korengal Valley.  CBS 60 Minutes Video.

U.S. Paratroopers engage ACM.  Firefight in Korengal Valley.

Operation Mountain Lion

 This large-scale operation was an assault into the Korengal Valley to disrupt and clear insurgent forces in 2006.  There was an earlier Operation Mountain Lion conducted in April to July 2002 in the Gardez and Khost regions.

September 8, 2011.  "Strategies have shifted, but soldier committed to Afghanistan".  NBC.com.  News article about MG John Nicholson - commander of Operation Mountain Lion.

May 8, 2006.  "Operation Mountain Lion Roars Into Korengal Valley".  American Forces Press Service.

April 21, 2006.  "Operation Mountain Lion".  Fox News.

April 13, 2006.  "Operation Mountain Lion in Afghanistan".  The Long War Journal.

April 12, 2006.  "Coalition Launches Operation Mountain Lion in Afghanistan".  American Forces Press Service.

Pictures of Korengal Valley

Afghanistan's Dangerous Korengal Valley.  Pictures by Time Magazine.

Exhaustion.  American Soldier resting at bunker, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, September 16, 2008 by Tim Hetherington.  Photo won World Press Photo of 2008.

Afghanistan's Korengal Valley.  Pictures at boston.com from November 2008.

Subduing the Korengal Valley.  The New York Times, pictures from February 2008.

Soldiers battle Afghan insurgents in the Korengal Valley.  Army.mil. 15 Aug 2009.

Photo Essay of Korengal Valley.  viiphoto.com.

  "On Assignment: Moments Between Life and Death".  Photograpy in the Korangal Valley.  Lens, The New York Times, May 20, 2009.

Pictures of Korengal and Pech Valleys.  Notes from Paridise Blog.

News Articles about the Korengal Valley

December 4, 2011.  "For Tim Hetherington: Thoughts From A Soldier On His Birthday".  War Retreat.

November 7, 2011.  "Afghan Base Tests U.S. Exit Plans".  The Wall Street Journal.

September 28, 2011.  "D.I.Y. Steaks on the Battlefield in Afghanistan".  The New York Times.

September 27, 2011.  Interview with Sebastian Junger.  The Guardian.

September 22, 2011.  "Sebastian Junger speaks about brotherhood at Davidson"  The Herald Weekly.

August 12, 2011.  "US troops return to deadly Afghan valley in east".  KnoxNews.com.

August 4, 2011.  "Six months after pullback, U.S. goes back in to contest Pech Valley".  Stars and Stripes.

July 31, 2011.  "Unintended star of 'Restrepo' returns to Afghanistan".  Stars and Stripes.  Article about SGT Misha Pemble-Belkin.

July 26, 2011.  "Taliban shoot down US helicopter in Kunar".  The Long War Journal.

July 20, 2011.  "Junger: We Must Understand Many Troops Miss War".  NPR.

June 14, 2011.  "They just kind of had a bead on me". Stars and Stripes.

May 17, 2011.  "Special Operations Commander Dictum: Know Thy Enemy".  NDIA.

March 3, 2011.  "What the U.S. Is Leaving Behind in Pech".  Foreign Policy.

April 23, 2011.  "A soldier's death gives life to another man".  Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Online.

April 6, 2011.  "Al-Qaeda setting up training centres in Afghanistan".  The Telegraph.

March 8, 2011.  "173rd says 'Goodbye' SSG Giunta, MoH recipient".  DVIDS.

February 26, 2011.  "Strategic Draw Down or Cutting U.S. Losses in Afghanistan?"  Foreign Policy Association.

February 25, 2011.  "U.S. pulling forces out of Pech Valley".  Stars and Stripes.

August 9, 2010.  "With Korengal abandoned, COP Michigan bears brunt of Kunar fight".  Stars and Stripes.

July 18, 2010.  "Haji Matin rhymes with Red Cloud".  HG's World Blog.

April 20, 2010.  "Farewell To Korengal".  Sabastian Junger, The New York Times.

April 20, 2010.  "The Afghan solution lies in the valley".  Asiat Times Online.

April 15, 2010.  "U.S. retreat from Afghan valley marks recognition of blunder".  The Washington Post.

April 15, 2010.  "U.S. Forces Leave Afghanistan's Korengal Valley".  NPR.

April 14, 2010.  "Learning from the Korengal Valley".  Small Wars Journal.

April 14, 2010.  "U.S. Forces Close Post in Afghan 'Valley of Death'".  The New York Times.

April 14, 2010.  "Leaving the Korangal Valley".  At War, The New York Times.

April 14, 2010.  "Nato troops pull out of flashpoint Taliban valley".  BBC News.

August 23, 2009.  "Living life in Korengal Valley".  Bagram Airfield.

July 1, 2009.  "Live from the Korengal Valley".  Wired.com Danger Room.

May 19, 2009.  "Arms Sent by U.S. May Be Falling Into Taliban Hands".  The New York Times.

April 25, 2009.  "Fighting in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan".  Talking Proud Blog.

April 19, 2009.  "Pinned Down, a Sprint to Escape Taliban Zone".  The New York Times.

November 9, 2008.  "G.I.'s in Remote Afghan Post Have Weary Job, Drawing Fire".  The New York Times.

May 9, 2008.  "Notes about the Korengal Valley".  Ministry of State Failure.

March 14, 2008.  "The People of the Korengal".  Ghosts of Alexander Blog.

February 28, 2008.  "The Prozac war in the Korengal Valley".  Bill Doskoch Blog.

February 24, 2008.  "Battle Company Is Out There".  The New York Times.

January 2008.  "Into the Valley of Death".  Vanity Fair.



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