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Afghanistan War News Articles

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Home > Afghanistan Country Profile > Afghanistan War News Articles

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News Articles about the Battle for Marja, Afghanistan

News Articles about the Fight for Kandahar, Afghanistan

News Articles About the War in Afghanistan

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2006  |  2007  |  2008  |  2009  |  2010


October 19, 2011.  "Bad Guys vs. Worse Guys in Afghanistan".  by Luke Mogelson, The New York Times.  Article on Afghan Local Police (ALP).

October 6, 2011.  "Struggling to Build Afghan Security".  The AFPAK Channel.

September 26, 2011.  "800 additional U.S. military trainers to be sent to Afghanistan by March".  The Washington Post.

September 23, 2011.  "The Other Forgotten War". The Weekly Standard.

February 11, 2011.  "Great Game Seeks to Put Afghanistan Experience in Context".  U.S. Department of Defense.

February 11, 2011.  "Canadian helicopters keep eye in the sky on new Afghan road construction".  The Gazette.

February 10, 2011.  "Merkel Gives Testimony on 2009 Airstrike in Afghanistan".  The New York Times.

February 10, 2011.  "Aid increasingly wasted on security aims - Oxfam".  AlertNet.

February 10, 2011.  "U.S. troop cut could set back Afghan gains - thinktank".  Reuters News Service.

February 9, 2011.  "Afghan Rights Groups Shift Focus to Taliban".  The New York Times.

February 8, 2011.  "900 Afghan militants switch sides and join government, but reintegration program faces hurdles".  Google Hosted News.

January 31, 2011.  "Taliban killing their own in bid to wrest back control in Sangin".  The Independent.



Blogs and Videos of Afghan War

August 30, 2009.  "Vital road to link eastern Afghanistan to Kabul".  YouTube.

[My] State Failure Blog.  International Relations and Afghanistan.

NATO Training Mission Afghanistan.  Blog.

Registan.net.  Central Asia News.

USA and USMC Counterinsurgency Center Blog.  Combined Arms Center.

The Canada-Afghanistan Blog.  By the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee, University of British Columbia.

Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping.  A Kiwa human rights advocate with time in Afghanistan.  "Lessons in life, love and letting go from the mountains of Afghanistan".


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Blogs About the
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News Resources About the War in Afghanistan

World Defense Review.  Afghanistan.


The AFPAK Channel.
News of the Afghanistan War by Foreign Policy and the New American Foundation.


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America at War: Afghanistan
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Afghanistan War
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US Government Sources

American Forces Information
Service News

CJTF-82 Press Releases

US Forces Afghanistan
Press Releases

United States Department of Defense News

Office of Defense (OSD)
Early Bird News

US Air Forces News

Greg Mortenson's Blog
Author of Three Cups of Tea
and Stones into Schools

US Government Reports on the War in Afghanistan

Report on Progress toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan
DoD Report
October 2009 ().

Report on the Assessment
of U.S. and Coalition Plans
to Train, Equip, and
Field the Afghan National Security Forces
by US DoD IG
30 Sep 09

Assessment of Afghan War by Gen McChrystal
30 Aug 09

ISAF Tactical Directive
6 July 2009 ()

US Plan for Sustaining the Afghan National Security Forces
DoD Report
April 2009 ()


Afghanistan Project
Center for a New
American Security

Blogs About War
in Afghanistan

Afghanistan News

Helmand Blog - Afghanistan
UK Forces Media

Frontline Bloggers - Afghanistan
UK Forces Media

Social Websites
 on Afghanistan

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US Forces Afghanistan
on You Tube

ISAF Facebook

Photos about Afghanistan

Afghanistan Photos - 2007
by Michael Fumento


The Turquoise Mountain Foundation

The Afghan Child Project

U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Guide
U.S. Dept of State

Maps of Afghanistan

ISAF Interactive Map of Afghanistan

ISAF News Releases
Archives from 2003 to 2009


NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan Website


"One Tribe at a Time"
A Strategy for
Success in Afghanistan

Task Force Dagger Foundation
"Serving Those Who Served Us"

News Articles about the Battle for Marja, Afghanistan

Gandamack Lodge
Kabul, Afghanistan
"Where everyone but Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines Can Stop By for a Drink"

"Lost in Translation"
A video demonstrating the importance of an interpreter who is trained.

Safi Airways
Airline of Afghanistan



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