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Blogs on the War in Afghanistan

(For the most complete listing of Afghanistan
 blogs go to "The Afghanistan Analyst".


Abu Muqawama.  A blog about counterinsurgency and Afghanistan.  On the website of Center for a New American Security.

Afghan Regional Security Integration Command - South.  Training, mentoring, and advising the ANSF in support of OEF.

Afghanistan Conflict Monitor.  Human Security Report Project.

Afghanistan Crossroads.  CNN World.

Afghanistan News.  EUCOM Blog

Afghanistanica.  "An exploration of Afghanistan from a safe distance".

Afpax Insider.  News on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

All Things Counter Terrorism.  Leah Farrall of Australia.

Assignment Afghanistan.  By a correspondent of the Edmonton Journal.

At War.  New York Times Blog.

Atlantic Council.  Afghanistan topics

Children in Afghanistan.  The Afghan Child Project.

Circling the Lion's Den.  A glance at the conflict in Afghanistan

Complex Topics.  A civilian trainer of the ANA blogs on Afghanistan.

Frontline Bloggers - Afghanistan.  UK Forces Media

Ghosts of Alexander.  The Afghan Campaign, 2001 to Whenever".

Greg Mortenson's Blog.  Author of Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools

Hazaristan Times.  A blog by and about Hazaras of Afghanistan.

Helmand Blog - Afghanistan.  UK Forces Media

Knights of Afghanistan.  A security manager blogs about the war.

Milblogging.com Afghanistan.  A listing of Afghanistan milblogs.

[My] State Failure Blog.  International Relations and Afghanistan.

NATO Training Mission Afghanistan.  Blog.

Registan.net.  Central Asia News.

USA and USMC Counterinsurgency Center Blog.  Combined Arms Center.

The Canada-Afghanistan Blog.  By the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee, University of British Columbia.

Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping.  A Kiwa human rights advocate with time in Afghanistan.  "Lessons in life, love and letting go from the mountains of Afghanistan".

Social Websites on Afghanistan

US Forces Afghanistan on Twitter

US Forces Afghanistan on Facebook

US Forces Afghanistan on You Tube

ISAF Facebook

NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan Website


Books on Counterinsurgency
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Home > Afghanistan War News > Afghanistan War Blogs