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Book - Isolating the Guerrilla

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Isolating the Guerrilla

by Michael F. Trevett
Publication Date October 18, 2011

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Isolating the Guerrilla

About the Author.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Trevett is the author of the book "Isolating the Guerrilla".  In March 2012 Trevett was chief of the Aerial Sensors Branch with the Intelligence and Security Command at Fort Belvoir.  Prior tours included time in Colombia working as a military attaché with the Coast Guard and as an instructor in the Counterinsurgency Center for Excellence (sometimes called the COIN Academy) at Camp Taji, Iraq for 15 months from August 2006 to October 2007. Previous experience includes time as an Operations Officer with the US Coast Guard and as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Diver with the US Navy.

His education includes study at the American Military University (MA in history), Army Command and General Staff College, Joint Military Intelligence College, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Navy EOD School, and Army Military Intelligence Captains Career Course.

Book Description.

The book is a transcribed report from the Vietnam era and analyzes 25 counterinsurgency case studies that span the Napoleonic wars through the French and U.S. counterinsurgency campaigns in Vietnam.

The original report, entitled Isolating the Guerrilla: Basic Case Studies, was conducted in 1965 and published on February 1, 1966 by the Historical Evaluation and Research Organization,  authored by Trevor Dupuy and others. However, it was  never widely disseminated. The report was a three volume study performed for the Defense Advanced Projects Agency. The first volume was classified CONFIDENTIAL and the following two volumes were unclassified. Twenty-six different experts provided their analysis of guerrilla warfare during the Napoleonic Wars, The Boer War, the British counterinsurgency operations in Malaya (1948-1960), and the French and U.S. experience in Vietnam. The report examined the historical experience relevant to a politico-military technique of counterinsurgency: isolating guerrilla forces from internal and external support. The original report (Isolating the Guerrilla, Volume I) can be viewed online at the oai.dtic.mil website here.

The book Isolating the Guerrilla is the recently declassified first volume with additional material from Volumes II and III. The book author, Trevett, provides his own annotations in the book to bring the material up to date and make the book relevant to modern-day counterinsurgency campaigns.

Book Description from Amazon.com.

"Insurgent warfare is one of the most significant issues confronting governments and militaries today. Vital to the multi-front war the West currently wages against insurgents and terrorists, Isolating the Guerrilla, a previously classified military study, can contribute to successful outcomes and toward saving thousands of lives in current and future counterinsurgencies and conflicts. Compiled by an unequalled team of 26 experts, Isolating the Guerrilla presents their aggregate analysis on the most salient aspects of counterinsurgencies. Had political and military leaders benefited from the conclusions of this study in 2002, the multinational coalitions would certainly have succeeded in Afghanistan and Iraq much sooner."

Book Reviews on Isolating the Guerrilla

March 15, 2012.  Fort Belvoir Officer Publishes Lessons From Counterinsurgencies.  The Connection.  Accessed here on March 20, 2012.

Other Publications, Reports and Books by Michael Trevett.

Trevett, Michael.  Census Operations, Small Wars Journal, June 4, 2011.  Accessed here on March 20, 2012.  The author states that "from the perspective of the counterinsurgent" thoroughly knowing the population is the best method of identifying, finding, and fixing the insurgent.


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Home > Books > Isolating the Guerrilla





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