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How To Prepare for Emergencies

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Home > Security Information > How To Prepare for Emergencies

The links below provide information about how individuals, organizations, and businesses can prepare for a disaster - whether man-made, natural, or an act of terrorism.

Are You Ready?  A Guide to Citizen Preparedness by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Boot Camp for Civilians.

"Together We Prepare", American Red Cross.  How to develop a plan, put together a survival kit, get some training, volunteer, and donate blood.

Homeland Security Advisory System Recommendations, American Red Cross.  A guide for individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses.

Business & Industry Guide, American Red Cross.

"Giving Birth 'In Place'".  A guide to emergency preparedness for childbirth by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.  March 2003.

www.BusinessSecurityTips.com  A website launched by the Security Industry Association (SIA) to aid corporations with security concerns.

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Home > Security Information > How To Prepare for Emergencies