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Maritime Security

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Topics on This Page (hyperlinked)

Information about Maritime Security
Govt Maritime Agencies and Organizations
Private Sector Organizations and Associations
Guides and Resources
Maritime Security Publications
Institutional Maritime and Port Security Training
Blogs about Maritime Security and Safety
Maps about Piracy and Maritime Security

Information about Maritime Security

International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers

IMB Piracy Reporting Centre. International Maritime Bureau.

Live Piracy Report. by ICC Commercial Crime Services.

MARSEC4. Provides news, editorials, and equipment reviews.

Operation OCEAN SHIELD. NATO's Counter Piracy Operations.

Port and Maritime Security Online

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Government Agencies and Organizations

Office of Counterterrorism &n Defense Operations (CG-532)
United States Coast Guard

America's Waterway Watch
Report Suspicious Activity

Port and Cargo Security. U.S. Department of Transportation

Maritime Security Centre. Horn of Africa, European Union Naval Force.

Combined Task Force (CTF) 151. Multinational task force established to conduct counterpiracy operations.

U.S. Department of Transportation - Maritime Administration
Horn of Africa Piracy Resource Page

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Private Sector Organizations and Associations

American Association of Port Authorities.

International Maritime Security Network, LLC

Maritime Security Council

NAVCOPS Network.

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Guides and Resources on Maritime Security

Maritime Security Issues
University-National Oceanographic Laboratory, University of Rhode Island.

Maritime Security Jobs
"Find your job in the Maritime Security field"

Maritime Terrorism Research Center News, resources, and more.

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Publications About Piracy and Maritime Security

Small Vessel Security Strategy. Department of Homeland Security, April 2008.

"Countering Piracy off the Horn of Africa: Partnership & Action Plan". USA National Security Council, December, 2008.

"Where to Place the U.S. Coast Guard for Success in the Department of Homeland Security". by Bruce Stubbs of the Heritage Foundation.


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Institutional Maritime and Port Security Training

Port and Maritime Security Working Group (PMSWG)

Maine Maritime Academy.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

California Maritime Academy.

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Blogs about Maritime Safety and Security

EagleSpeak. A blog about maritime security and piracy by a Naval Reserve surface warfare officer and lawyer.

Los Angeles Cruise Ship Lawsuit Center
Information about cruise ship security and safety. Blog covers cruise ship safety, news, accidents and maritime lawsuits.

Maritime Protective Services, Inc. Blog

Maritime Security Blog. The GreySide Group

Maritime Security - Guld of Aden

Maritime Terrorism Research Center Blog

Modern Day Pirate Tales. Notes on the world of piracy.

Murphy on Piracy. Blob by an author on books about piracy.

WhisprWave. Maritime News Blog.

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Maps about Piracy and Maritime Security

NATO Piracy Alert Map.

NATO Map - Known Piracy Attack Groups.

Map of Piracy Incidents.


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Home > Maritime Security




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International Code of Conduct

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