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January 14, 2016. "Special Operations and the Challenge of Working in the 'Gray Zone'", by John Friberg, SOFREP.

January 14, 2016. "Integration of Women in SOF Units", by John Friberg, SOFREP.

December 31, 2013. "Socom Leads Development of 'Iron Man' Suit". American Forces Press Service. The U.S. Special Operations Command is helping in the development of the TALOS or 'Iron Man' suit.

September 26, 2011.  "Simulation industry hopes special-missions training spares it from military cuts".  Orlando Sentinel.

December 27, 2010.  "U.S. special ops forces vital in Afghan war".  USA Today.

September 10, 2010.  "USAF may bring special forces to CO".  Colorado Springs Independent.

September 9, 2010. "Soldier to Receive Posthumous Medal of Honor".  DoD News Release.

September 8, 2010.  "Green Beret behind the capture of Che Guevara".  The Age.

September 7, 2010.  "Promoting truth with Commando Radio".  USASOC News Service.

September 5, 2010.  "Special ops forces lack lift aircraft in theater".  Army Times.

September 5, 2010.  "Green Berets prowled foothills at night on horseback".  The Gazette.

August 30, 2010.  "Iraq conflict leaves officers weary and humbled".  The Washington Post.

August 29, 2010.  "Paying Whatever It Takes to Get What You Need".  Strategy Page.

August 27, 2010.  "Statue of General Hugh Shelton unveiled".  News 14.

August 20, 2010.  "Unconventional Belgian rifle becomes favorite of US special operations in Afghanistan".  Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle - SCAR.  Fox News.

August 11, 2010.  "Green Berets adding a battalion at Fort Carson".  The Gazette.

August 2010.  "Special Operators Want Lighter, User-Friendly Equipment - And Fast".  National Defense Magazine.

August 6, 2010.  "Secret Units, Open Job Postings".  The Atlantic.

August 4, 2010.  "Information Warfare: What's Special about Special Forces".  Strategy Page.

August 4, 2010.  "Special Forces vet, wife team up for 'Man, Woman, Wild".  Army Times.

July 21, 2010.  "Reeder takes command of U.S. Special Forces".  Fayetteville Observer.

July 5, 2010.  "Fixing That Scary PsyWar Stuff".  Strategy Page.

June 28, 2010.  "Presidential Airways Wants To Fly Some More".  The Atlantic.

June 28, 2010.  "MarSOC helps train elite Afghan police".  Marine Corps Times.

June 18, 2010.  "U.S. Troops Take On Role of High-Tech Crime Solvers".  National Defense Magazine.

June 17, 2010.  "On Assignment: "Shooting" Special Forces".  NPR.

June 17, 2010.  "In Kandahar, A Battle For Hearts, Minds".  NPR.

June 6, 2010.  "How Bleeding Goats Saves Wounded Soldiers".  Strategy Page.

June 5, 2010.  "Army plans $100 million Afghanistan special ops HQ".  AP News.

June 4, 2010.  "Obama Administration Expanding 'Secret War'".  CBS News.

May 28, 2010.  "Army memorial makes room for all".  News Observer.

May 27, 2010.  "Rough Men, Standing Ready: The Joint Unconventional Warfare TF Directive".  Center for Defense Studies.

May 26, 2010.  "Charette was a high-flying CIA operative".  Tampa Bay Online.

May 24, 2010.  "U.S. Is Said to Expand Secret Actions in Mideast".  The New York Times.

April 23, 2010.  "Do We Still Need Special Ops?"  Foreign Policy.

April 2, 2010.  "Medics Teach Afghans to Help Themselves".  Soldier Of Fortune Magazine.

April 2, 2010.  "U.S. Special Forces staying in Iraq".  UPI.

March 24, 2010.  "Simmons: More Special Ops Needed".  New Haven Independent".

March 17, 2010.  "Commanders Tout Value of Training Indigenous Forces".  DoD Press Release.

March 15, 2010.  "Gen. McChrystal reins in, controls Special Operations forces".  Cleveland.com.

March 12, 2010.  "Stratis to provide intelligence support".  UPI.com.

March 10, 2010.  "Army seeks answers for Afghan civilian deaths".  Army Times.

March 8, 2010.  "US keeps secret anti-Taliban militia on a bright leash".  Article in the Guardian about the Local Defense Initiative militias.

February 19, 2010.  "MarSOC graduates first class from linguistics course".  ENC Today.

February 9, 2010.  "Brotherhood forged in combat".  United States European Command.

February 5, 2010.  "From 'Open Toe' to Open Window".  New Haven Independent".

February 3, 2010.  "Portable ultrasound empowers Special Forces Medics".  Army.mil.

December 20, 2009.  "Sniper competition reveals gains, deficits."  Army Times.

December 18, 2009.  "Documentary follows Special Forces candidates through two weeks of training".  Fayetteville Observer.

December 16, 2009.  "Time for Action: Redefining SOF Missions and Activities".  Center for a New American Security.

December 15, 2009.  "Special forces units in Afghanistan given a new mission".  Sun Sentinel.

November 10, 2009.  "SF units to get latest Land Warrior kit".  Army Times.

November 9, 2009.  "Special Operations Chiefs Quietly Sway Afghanistan Policy".  The Washington Independent.

November 8, 2009.  "Growing beards to tame the Afghan insurgency".  Reuters Afghan Journal.

November 5, 2009.  "U.S. Army Special Operations Command: 'The Quiet Professionals".  Paraglide.

October 8, 2009.  "SF team sgt. lauds Afghan aid in Shok Valley".  Army Times.

October 5, 2009.  "Pineland: A fake nation, a very real mission".  Kansas City.

September 2, 2009.  "Special Forces training site work almost done".  Army Times.

August 31, 2009.  "Gates to MC-12 Workers: Your Work is Saving Troops' Lives".  DoD News Release.

August 31, 2009.  "Gates to MC-12 Workers: Your work is Saving Troop's Lives".  American Forces Press Release.

August 27, 2009.  "SOCom directive announces major changes".  Army Times.

August 27, 2009.  "3rd Special Forces Group to focus on Afghanistan, Pakistan".  Fayetteville Observer.

August 26, 2009.  "Army IDs Green Beret killed in Afghanistan".  Army Times.

August 26, 2009.  "CIA Releases Its Instructions For Breaking a Detainee's Will".  The Washington Post.

August 21, 2009.  "New deputy joint force trainer named".  USJFCOM.

August 20, 2009.  "U.S. Military to Stay in Philippines".  The New York Times.

August 17, 2009.  "MMA fighter wins battle to stay in Army".  Army Times.

August 17, 2009.  "SOCom chief admits non-SOF forces' help".  Army Times.

August 17, 2009.  "The CIA, Siberia and the $5M Bar Bill".  New York Post.

August 12, 2009.  "Rhode Island hosts 27th annual Leapfest".  National Guard.

August 6, 2009.  "White House Struggles to Gauge Afghan Success".  The New York Times.

July 24, 2009.  "Walking on the Wild Side".  The American Spectator.

June 23, 2009.  "Even at home, Afghanistan is close for green berets".  AFP.

December 4, 2008.  "U.S. to Raise 'Irregular War' Capabilities".  The Washington Post.

March 8, 2006.  "Elite Troops Get Expanded Role on Intelligence".  The New York Times.

August 17, 2005.  "Privatized Peacekeeping".  Overseas Security Advisory Council.

August 15, 2005.  "Body Armor Being Replaced Again".  Military.com.

August 14, 2005.  "The Other Army".  The New York Times Magazine.

July 26, 2005.  "U.S. Pushes Anti-Terrorism in Africa".  The Washington Post.

July 7, 2005.  "Contractor 'Shadow Army' Adds to Iraq Stress".  Fox News.

July 6, 2005.  "Fast Facts: Contractors in Iraq".  Fox News.

July 1, 2005.  "Iraq's New War Zone: American vs. American".  Fox News.

June 16, 2005.  "Embassy Security Firms Chosen".  Washington Post.

May 15, 2005.  "A cautionary look at world terrorism".  Book by COL David Hunt.  Portland Press Herald.

May 15, 2005.  "Good pay blurs risk for hired guns".  The Salt Lake Tribune.

May 5, 2005.  "U.S. needs replacement for current Humvee".  Space War.

April 30, 2005.  "Military contractor data found lacking".  News Observer.

April, 2005.  "The Scholar-Soldiers".  Policy Review Online.

April 27, 2005.  "Learning How to Hang Out".  Strategy Page.

April 24, 2005.  "Hired security lured by challenge".  The Boston Globe.

April 21, 2005.  "7 U.S. security contractors killed in Iraq".  CNN.

April 20, 2005.  "SAIC Provides GeoRover Software to the U.S. Army Special Forces Command".  SAIC.

April 18, 2005.  "The Army Reserves and the Abrams Doctrine: Unfulfilled Promise, Uncertain Future".  The Heritage Foundation.

April 17, 2005.  "Special Forces Go Mainstream".  Strategy Page.

April 17, 2005.  "Britain to double commitment to the war on terror with 'SAS Lite'".  Telegraph News.

April 15, 2005.  "Elite Iraqi police putting training to use on streets".  Emergency Response Unit (ERU) in training.  Stars and Stripes.

April 7, 2005.  "New Campaign Medals Recognize Iraq, Afghanistan Service".  American Forces Information Service.

April 7, 2005.  "New British Special Forces Unit".  BlackNET News.

April 4, 2005.  "Police chiefs call for improved stun-gun training, oversight".  USA Today.

April 3, 2005.  "Fury at 'shoot for fun' memo.  Outburst by US security firm in Iraq is attacked by human rights groups".  Guardian Unlimited.

April 1, 2005.  "Amnesty report slams Taser, cites 103 related deaths".  USA Today Nation.

March 24, 2005.  "Mobilized reservists will keep health care for eight years after return".  Army Times.

March 21, 2005.  "ShotSpotter Unveils Multi-Layer Gunshot Location Systems for Military Market".  SpaceWar.

March 21, 2005.  "Senior Soldiers In Special Ops Being Lured Off".  TBO News.

March 20, 2005.  "Fallen SBS leader set up jungle rescue".  Times Online.

March 19, 2005.  "Taking Back Iraq's Streets".  Time.

March 18, 2005.  "Humvee crashes perplex Army".  USA Today.

March 17, 2005.  "GAO says reservists experiencing travel reimbursement problems".  GovExec.com Daily Briefing.

March 17, 2005.  "Federal bureaus reject stun guns".  USA Today.

March 15, 2005.  "The age of terror requires smarter, smaller approach".  The Christian Science Monitor.

March 1, 2005.  "Outsourcing War".  The Brookings Institute (Foreign Affairs).

February 28, 2005.  "Military Revamps Basic Training".  Military.com.

February 14, 2005.  "Roadside Bomb Common Sense".  Blackwater Tactical Weekly.

February 8, 2005.  "Green Berets' numbers fall short".  The Washington Times.

February 9, 2005.  ". . . Armored Vehicle Manufacturer to Introduce New Transport Vehicle".  Business Wire.

February 4, 2005.  "Salvo in intel turf war?"  The Christian Science Monitor.

February 4, 2005.  "Special Ops Symposium Looks at Future of Coalition Warfare".  American Forces Information Service.

February 4, 2005.  "Special Ops Role Evolves in War on Terror".  NPR Audio.

February 4, 2005.  "Special Ops forces offered hefty bonuses".  Seattle PI.

February 3, 2005.  "Women Provide Emotion At State of Union".  Mother of soldier KIA in Iraq attends State of Union.  Military.com.

February 2, 2005.  "The Pentagon and Postwar Contractor Support: Rethinking the Future".  The Heritage Foundation.

February 2, 2005.  "Force Protection, Inc. to Provide Armored Vehicle for Transport by Blackwater USA".  Business Wire.

February, 2005.  "Solving the Interagency Puzzle".  Policy Review Online.

February 2005.  "Understanding Jihad".  Mark Gould, Policy Review Online.

January 27, 2005.  "Pricing the ultimate sacrifice".  Congress to consider rise in death gratuity, $12,400 seen as too low".  International Herald Tribune.

January 25, 2005.  "New Teams to Provide Expanded Human Intelligence Capabilities".  American Forces Press Service.

January 25, 2005.  "Shifting roles of US spies and special forces".  The Christian Science Monitor.

January 25, 2005.  "House chairman backs Defense intelligence unit".  GovExec.com Daily Briefing.

January 24, 2005.  "Army prepares 'robo-soldier' for Iraq".  USA Today Tech.

January 24, 2005.  "DoD Background Briefing on Strategic Support Teams".  FAS.

January 24, 2005.  "Pentagon runs clandestine intelligence-gathering infrastructure". CNN.

January 20, 2005.  "New Propaganda Tech for Special Ops".  DefenseTech.

January 14, 2005.  "The Salvador Option".  MSNBC News.

November 5, 2004.  "CENTCOM Launches Weekly Electronic Newsletter".  American Forces Information Service.

November 5, 2004.  "Biometrics Helping Identify Foes in War on Terror".  American Forces Press Service.

November 3, 2004.  "Special Forces too critical".  The Washington Times Op-Ed.

October 28, 2004.  "The World's Most Dangerous Place".  Newsweek War in Iraq.

July/August 2004.  "Think Again: Mercenaries".  Foreign Policy.

April 18, 2004.  "Military Contractors Shoulder Heavy Burden in Iraq".  Fox News.

April 18, 2004.  "Democrats Criticize Role of Military Contractors".  Fox News.

April 11, 2004.  "Afghan duty offers ultimate in unconventional warfare".  USA Today.

March 1, 2004.  "Hired Guns".  Esquire.

August 2003.  "The New American Way of War".  Max Boot, Foreign Affairs.

June 23, 2003.  "Secret Armies of the Night".  Time Magazine.

December 15, 2001.  "Special Operations - How to change a tire in Kandahar".  Peter Maass, The New Republic.

May 3, 1991.  "Special Operations Forces: Finishing the Job of Reconstruction".  The Heritage Foundation.

March 2, 1962.  "Armed Forces: The Men in the Green Berets".  Time.com.


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