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Radiological Terrorism

Info Net


Governmental and Private Organizations.

National Nuclear Security Administration.

Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute.

Bioterrorism.  U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Ready.Gov Radiation Threat Information.

Radiation Incidents.  Emergency Management Strategic Healthcare Group, Veterans Health Administration.

Radiological Terrorism.  Institute for Biosecurity, Saint Louis University School of Public Health.

Nuclear Energy Institute.

Nuclear Security and Safeguards.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Nuclear Terrorism.  Institute for Biosecurity, Saint Louis University School of Public Health.



Chemical/Biological/Radiological Incident Handbook (October 1998).  Interagency Intelligence Committee on Terrorism.

"Nuclear Security:  NNSA Needs to Better Manage Its Safeguards and Security Program".  GAO Report on Nuclear Security oversight by the National Nuclear Security Administration.  May 2003.

"Disaster Preparedness for Radiology Professionals".  A Response to Radiological Terrorism.  ACR Disaster Planning Task Force.  American College of Radiology.  (Acrobat Reader PDF file).

"Dirty Bombs"

"Fact Sheet on Dirty Bombs".  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  March 2003.

"Dirty Bombs".  Terrorism: Questions & Answers.  Council on Foreign Relations.

"Dirty Bombs: Response to a Threat".  FAS Public Interest Report.  The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists.  March/April 2002.

"Dirty Bombs".

News Articles

July 22, 2004.  "Suitcase Nukes".

May 27, 2004.  "Terror's chill summer wind: Threat of 'dirty' bombs leads US to fund global radioactive cleanup".  The Christian Science Monitor.

May 27, 2004.  "US plan to beat dirty bombs".  The Guardian.

June 25, 2003.  "Security Beefed Up at Nuke Labs".

June 10, 2003.  "The Dirty Bomb Scenario".  Time Online Edition.

June 10, 2003.  "What Is a Dirty Bomb?  A Terrorist's Weapon of Choice: Easily Made, Spreads Fear".  ABC News.

January 29, 2003.  "Suitcase Bomb".  Description of small nuclear weapons that terrorists may try to employ.  Fox News.

Nov 6, 2002.  "How Dangerous are "Dirty Bombs"?"  Tufts E-News, Tufts University.

March, 2002.  "Dirty Bombs" Much More Likely to Create Fear than Cause Cancer:  Radiation Effects from Such Devices Likely to Be too Low to Calculate, Health Physicist Says".  American Institute of Physics.

Nov 7, 2001.  "Are U.S. Nuclear Sites Safe"?  Tufts E-News, Tufts University.

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