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Suicide Bombings

Informative Internet resources about Suicide bombings

Suicide bombing.  WikipediA, The Free Encylopedia.

Publications and News Articles on Suicide Bombings

January 27, 2006.  "Suicide bombing is a legitimate tactic, Abu Hamza tells court".  Times Online.

January 21, 2006.  "Down went the lights, up swelled the anger".  News article about Paradise Now.  Globe and Mail.

November 14, 2005.  "The Suicide Bomber".  Public Broadcasting System Online NewsHour.

October 24, 2005.  "Arming Marines With Know-How for Staying Alive".  LA Times.

October 8, 2005.  "Women Suicide Bombers: Unchartered Territory".  Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies.

September 2005.  "Fire & EMS Response To Suicide Bombing Events".  Firehouse Magazine.

July 25, 2005.  "The rise of a jihadi suicide culture".  The Christian Science Monitor.

June 12, 2005.  "Israeli Experts Teach Police On Terrorism".  The Washington Post.

May 22, 2005.  "Iraq Fighters Use Tried-and-True Method, But It Could Backfire".  ABC News Nightline.

Books About Suicide Bombings

"Dying to Kill: The Allure of Suicide Terror" by Mia Bloom.  Columbia University Press.

"Tactics of the Crescent Moon: Militant Muslim Combat Methods" by H. John Poole and Ray L. Smith.














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